• Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

    Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage was built between 1818 and 1819. Its site was chosen by Jackson himself. The mansion was square and two stories high. It consisted of a dining room and two bedrooms on the first floor. The second floor contained four additional bedrooms. It also had nine fireplaces. It is located at 4580 Rachels Ln, Hermitage, TN 37076. Additional info about Nashville.

    The Andrew Jackson Foundation preserves the Andrew Jackson Hermitage and creates learning opportunities that encourage citizens to be better citizens through their connection to Jackson’s life and legacy. Originally known as the Ladies’ Hermitage Association, the foundation runs the Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and is dedicated to increasing public understanding of Jackson and inspiring pride in the United States through education, research, and publication.

    Andrew Jackson purchased the 425-acre property in 1804. He lived in the cluster of log buildings on his land for 15 years. He entertained James Monroe and Aaron Burr while living at the Hermitage. Although he had no children, Jackson lived here and cultivated the vast property. He was still a slave-owner, but he had a few slaves who served as caretakers. After the Civil War, many of the slaves fled the plantation.

    Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage features a multimedia tour that takes you through the estate and surrounding grounds. This tour has many stops and will keep you occupied throughout. You can also purchase a paper map to guide you through the different parts of the property. The tour is very popular and typically has a short line. There are tours every five minutes, but if you can’t make it, you can always wait for a few minutes while the interpreters entertain you. Continue reading about Nashville

    The first exhibit at the Hermitage is the log farmhouse, which was built for the original owner of the property. It was constructed in 1819. Andrew Jackson wanted to give his daughter Rachel a more luxurious home. He started construction on a Federal-style brick home in 1819. The home was designed to be spacious, with high ceilings and grand hallways.

    The Hermitage is one of the best places to spend a day in Nashville. With more than 30 historical buildings and landscaped grounds, the historic home is a great day trip from Nashville. It is also home to the tombs of the 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel.

    After Jackson’s death, the mansion was turned into a museum. Today, it is considered the best-preserved early U.S. presidential mansion. The mansion has been home to 17 million visitors since opening. The interior of the mansion underwent an award-winning restoration between 1989 and 1997, and nearly 90 percent of the furnishings are original to the mansion.

    The original mansion was a two-story Federal-style building. It had eight rooms, including a basement summer kitchen, and two wide center halls. It had nine fireplaces, and was decorated with French wallpaper. The mansion also featured a chapel and landscaped gardens. The mansion also has slave quarters that were restored