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    Critical Reasons To Incorporate SEO Into your Marketing Mix

    1. 93% Of Experiences Had Online Start with a Search Engine

    Let that sink in. 93% of ALL online experiences take place first on a search engine. Can your business afford to lose out on being in front of 93% of the market online?

    2. Google Has a Firm Grip on Over 90% of the Search Market

    When it comes to appeasing a master, Google is the one we all answer to. With over 90% of the search market and with 93% of all online experiences happening on a search engine, having top rankings on Google has never been as important for the sustainability and growth of a business than it is today.

    3. 75% of People NEVER Scroll Past the First Page of Google

    If you’re not on page #1, you’re already losing out on 75% of potential sales going to your competitors who are no doubt investing into making sure you stay out of sight and out of mine.

    4. Better Lead Quality with SEO

    Those leads generated from organic search have a 14.6% close rate on average, whilst those generated from outbound lead gen efforts come in at an abysmal 1.7% on average

    5. 70-80% of Users SKIP Paid Ads and Go Directly for Organic Listings

    Paid ads are useful, don’t get us wrong. In fact, when done right they can provide a great channel for ROI and scale. BUT, they only cover a small portion of the actual market given that the majority of prospective customers ignore them altogether.

    6. Improved Trust and Authority

    These days consumers have a multitude of options to choose from when buying a product or service. Trust and authority go a long way in making a prospect feel comfortable with buying from your brand versus a competitor. And as far as the public is concerned, if Google “trusts” you and ranks your site in the top positions, then your brand may be the “better” option.

    Right Experience With The Right Technology

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    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the art and science of optimizing a web page for both users (visitors) and search engines. The core goals of SEO are to rank your website, drive targeted prospective customers to your pages, and then provide them with valuable information and a user experience that facilitates conversion to a paying customer.

    Why is SEO So Important?

    The consumer’s decision-making journey has evolved in such a way that a search engine query is often the first step in their process. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, 71 percent of consumers originate their buying decision journey and 74% to complete it (i.e. making a purchase).
    In 2019 and beyond, if you are NOT showing up front and center on Google when and where your prospective clients need you, your brand stands to LOSE up to 71% of ALL potential sales. Not to mention the loss in brand recognition and perceived authority and trust.

    Holistic SEO Strategies Custom Made to Perform

    At Digital Engage we want to be your valued partner in business. Our team takes the time to understand your market, audience, competitive landscape, and internal and external opportunities and threats to continued success and growth.

    We take this information and our analysts put together a strategy that is custom-tailored not just to your industry and market, but uniquely to YOUR brand.

    If you’re looking for “cookie cutter” chop-shop SEO services, you’ve come to the wrong place. We believe that every dollar you invest with us should yield a strong ROI and help set you up for continued success.

    Benefits of SEO Services with Digital Engage

    Each SEO package is designed to move the needle on those key performance metrics that matter most to your company.

    In General we Focus On:

    • An increase in targeted web traffic
    • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition in your market
    • Improved trust and authority in the industry
    • Boosted sales and increased revenue
    • More leads, phone calls, messages, and walk-ins

    Outperform and Outpace the Competition with SEO

    Take the next step and reach out to us today. Our team of industry-leading SEO experts are here to help answer any questions you have and make sure your brand is future-proofed for years to come.
    It’s time to take back ownership of your market online.

    4 Costly SEO Mistakes To Avoid

    Mobile-Unfriendly Website

    Search engine optimization involves much more than content and keywords. It includes the experience users have when they visit your website.

    Broken Links

    Guess who else hates broken links? Google. Broken links will get your website downgraded in Google because they deliver a bad user experience.

    Missing Links

    Just as broken links can hurt you, a lack of high-quality outbound links can cause your web page to rank poorly in Google.

    Ignoring Analytics

    This is so obvious, but many people miss it. The only way to know if your SEO efforts are working is to analyze your progress. Failure to set up and review traffic data for your website is a serious blunder.
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