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    Digital Engage provides comprehensive branding and logo services that capture your vision and message for quick customer recognition.

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    Logo Design Services

    Unique logo designs that your customers will immediately recognize.

    • Identifiable
    • Attractive
    • Variety of pricing options
    • Custom created by Our talented graphic designers

    Branding Services

    Consistent and comprehensive branding based on your vision and our solid research.

    • Deliberate
    • Strategic
    • Research-based
    • Consistent across print and digital media

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    What Are Branding and Logo Creation?

    Branding and logo creation are the formulation of a visual message and style for your business. Customers make an association between a logo and the entire brand behind it. The goal of branding and logo creation is to create an all-inclusive approach for your brand, from writing style to color selection to the actual logo.

    The Benefits of Branding and Logo Creation

    • Instant brand recognition
    • Visual representation of your business
    • Consistent message in all marketing content

    Besides Branding and Logo Creation, our team has expertise in services like Search engine optimization, Paid search, Social media advertising, Reputation management, Managed IT services, Video and photos services, Website hosting services, Website support services, Local SEO Services, and others. Call us today to learn more about our services.

    Why Are Branding and Logo Creation So Important?

    Customers come to recognize a brand and make assumptions about it based on what they already know. It’s critical that your brand is easily recognizable to customers with a catchy visual. A custom-made logo provides that sight recognition.

    But branding goes beyond just a custom logo. Everything about your business, from design work to the written copy, should convey a consistent message with a consistent style. Our branding service team works with you to capture that message and carry it through all content.

    What Goes into a Logo?

    Our team will design a logo for your business based on your vision and our experience. We can create a logo that is simply text, simply a symbol, or a combination of the two. We choose a font and color scheme that matches your brand and style.


    Our branding team will take your goals and desires and propose a branding strategy. If your business is new, we will help you formulate an overall plan, even a business name or product names if necessary. If you’re rebranding an existing business, we will help you target areas in need of change as you move forward.

    Whether creating a brand or rebranding, our team will work with you on your brand’s visual and written identity. We will determine a consistent writing style and tone to be carried through all written work. We will create a visual plan including color and font for media and print communications.

    Four Branding Mistakes to Avoid


    Changing visual images or written style between media sends a mixed message about your business. Stay consistent across websites, social media, advertisements, business cards, and packaging.


    DIY logos often look unprofessional. Invest in an attractive logo created by a graphic designer.

    Failure to Stand Out

    If your logo is too similar to that of an existing business, customers may be confused. Make sure your logo and color scheme are unique to your brand.


    Choose language and visuals that match your business and product. Catchy, hip language for a traditional product leaves consumers wondering what’s going on.
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