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    Reputation management, also known as ORM (online reputation management) or rep management is the art and science of molding the public’s or your target market’s perception and opinion of you or your business.

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    Reputation Management SERVICES

    Take Back Control of your Reputation Online
    • Bury Negative Content in Google
    • Defensive Protection from Attacks
    • Enhance Visibility of the Positive
    • Control the Narrative of your Brand
    • No more missed sales due to negative reviews or press

    Why is Reputation Management so Important?

    1. Positive Reviews and Press Improve Trust and Credibility

    According to Vendasta research, around 92% of customers will read online reviews before making a buying decision. Some reputation management studies have gone so far as to demonstrate that websites with an average rating of less than 3/5 stars stand to lose up to 90% of potential business. Not only that, positive reviews can and do impact search engine ranking.

    2. Online Reputation Management Gives your Brand a VOICE

    Make no mistake, your brand has a narrative online and off. Customers, prospects, competitors and more are all saying things that impact the perception of your brand by others online.

    Reputation management allows you to have a VOICE loud and clear in this conversation. It also allows you to control the narrative of your company or website, making sure that those seeking you or your products/services are presented with the story YOU want to tell, not one biased by disgruntled customers or competitors.

    3. Handle Issues Before they Turn into a Major PR Nightmare

    Professional reputation management with Digital Engage keeps you apprised of any PR issues in near real time, allowing you or our team to manage any negative press, reviews or commentary BEFORE it gets a chance to take on a life of its own.

    4. Defensive Posturing

    Online reputation management with Digital Engage ensures that the first page of Google is filled with the story you want to tell. We work hard to rank and position those digital assets in such a way that IF a negative story or review ever comes out, existing assets dominate the first page and your brand’s story.

    5. Build Relationships, Protect your Brand, and Earn More Business with Reputation Management

    Ready to learn more about how rep management can help you earn more business and solidify your position as an authoritative brand in your market?

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    What Is Reputation Management?

    Online reputation management is about more than just social and search engine monitoring for mentions of your brand. This service is both holistic and far-reaching, encompassing a multitude of practices and tactics to help our clients depending on their unique situation.

    Reputation Management is so essential

     Customers searching on Google want to learn more about your business and the experiences others have had with your brand. They want to validate that your company has a proven track record of delivering on promises and a history of satisfied customers.

    In the online world this means:

    • Encouraging, collecting, promoting, and prominently publishing user reviews
    • Claiming and being active on social media profiles
    • Engaging with your audience on social media, forums, other communities, and more.

    Digital Engage is a digital marketing and web design company based in Tennessee. Besides reputation management, our professional team has expertise in services like Search engine optimization, Reputation management, Managed IT services, Video and photo services, Branding and logo agency, Website hosting services, Website support services, and Local SEO Services. Call us today to learn more about our services.

    What People Say About You or Your Company Matters

    Even for those companies that employ an in-house PR manager, it is virtually impossible for any singular individual or team to identify, track, sort, and analyze the entirety of the internet looking for “mentions” of a brand or website.

    Fact is, digital dirt often exists even if you aren’t aware of it. And this “dirt” could be tarnishing your brand’s reputation, costing you big and hurting more than just your bottom line.

    • 67.7% of Online Customers are influenced by Reviews
      According to Moz, up to 67.7% of online buyers admitted that customer reviews made a difference as to which brand, site or company they chose to purchase from.
    • A SINGLE Negative Review can Cost up to 22% of New Customers
      Similar research revealed that a single negative review in the search results can result in a loss of up to 22% of potential new customers.

    Promoting positive press about your brand through Reputation Management

    Ready to learn more about how rep management can help you earn more business and solidify your position as an authoritative brand in your market? Call or message us today!

    4 Costly Public Relations Mistakes To Avoid

    Mobile-Unfriendly Website

    Search engine optimization involves much more than content and keywords. It includes the experience users have when they visit your website.

    Broken Links

    Guess who else hates broken links? Google. Broken links will get your website downgraded in Google because they deliver a bad user experience.

    Missing Links

    Just as broken links can hurt you, a lack of high-quality outbound links can cause your web page to rank poorly in Google.

    Ignoring Analytics

    This is so obvious, but many people miss it. The only way to know if your SEO efforts are working is to analyze your progress. Failure to set up and review traffic data for your website is a serious blunder.
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