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Digital Engage helps you build your custom Shopify Store and provides complete Shopify solutions. From Shopify website design to Shopify apps, we take care of it all!

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We create custom Shopify stores and themes for your eCommerce business that are highly converting. Generate more revenue than ever before.
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Some Common Questions About Shopify

1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that helps you create custom online stores. It has great functionality that helps you organize your products, set payment gateways, track all your orders, and even respond to your messages.

2. What do I need to start selling on Shopify?

You only need two things to run your online store, a product or line of products that you want to sell and a valid credit card that you will use to purchase your Shopify store.

3. Does Shopify support all countries and currencies?

Shopify works in almost all countries and supports many currencies, mostly depending on the payment gateway that you select.

4. Can my own domain name be used with Shopify?

Absolutely. You can register your domain with Shopify easily. In case your domain is already registered, you just need to ask your website hosting service provider to point your domain towards Shopify’s servers.

5. Is hiring a Shopify designer/developer important for your business?

Although you can take care of the basic operations of your Shopify Store, creating a custom theme or widget is no piece of cake. Hiring certified Shopify experts ensures that you get the exact design elements and final results that you or your dedicated project manager want. It is also the best way to save your time as the work done by experts is debugged.

Digital Engage Shopify Experts Service

Don’t let a poorly designed or optimized website hold you back from top rankings on Google and increased sales. Let our team of web development and design experts help you leverage your greatest asset: your website. We’ll make sure your site performs at peak capacity 24/7/365.

Complete Shopify Solutions For You

Digital Engage provides complete design and integration solutions. Services offered include themes development, Shopify software installation support, and Shopify marketing. The Shopify store carries substantial business complexity. Our Shopify designers are focused on creating beautiful store models that work perfectly.
Our services include:

  • Custom Theme Design & Development
  • Third-Party API Development
  • Shopify App Development
  • Shopify Online Marketing
  • Shopify Maintenance & Support Services

We Bring Your Shopify Web Design To Life

Once the design is approved by you and your team, our Shopify developer will begin developing your site. Our team works together with your project managers to make your ideas a reality! After the design and building of the Shopify site are completed, the journey is not over. Our Shopify Support Packages can help you make changes in a shop whenever required. A team of marketing managers is also employed at Digital Engage to provide results-driven Shopify Marketing solutions for your customers.

Shopify Store Design & Development

We can tailor the store to your store’s needs. Our Certified Shopify Developers are capable of creating customized themes and widgets for your online store to suit any needs. A couple of design changes are provided in the custom design package so you have the feasibility to change things around as required. Our Shopify website designers make it their mission to create high-end Shopify solutions at reasonable costs and premium quality.

Affordable Custom Shopify Theme Development

Being an industry expert, Our Shopify website design company has a vast knowledge of designing customized Shopify themes for all kinds of businesses. Custom Shopify themes let you add a unique touch to your online store that will make you stand out from your competition. Not only this, your custom Shopify theme will be an exact representation of the ideas that you have in your mind.

There are existing templates in Shopify Library that you can use but it is highly suggested that you go for a custom theme.

Online Store Migrations to Shopify

Yes, you can migrate your existing online store to Shopify. Our Shopify Agency specializes in converting websites into Shopify. We have also moved dozens of websites from Shopify to Shopify Plus. Many companies have decided to switch to Shopify because the platform offers much more features than a typical eCommerce platform.

Third-Party API Development

We understand the use and deployment of robust and highly efficient API gateways for mobile applications and have experience enabling them to meet the needs of their customers. Our Shopify experts are very knowledgeable and have extensive experience developing scalable APIs.

Whether you need it for a mobile app or your online store, we make sure that you get what you need in terms of third-party APIs.

Shopify Store Optimization

Increasing and improving the user’s experience can benefit all the parties involved. Our focus is to increase the browsing experience through easy accessibility and secure payment options eliminating all the frequently encountered problems like website crashes, timeouts, and payment declines.

We optimize your Shopify store to give the perfect blend of optimum user experience and functionality.

Advantages of Shopify

Shopify is an ideal e-commerce system that helps businesses start or expand their business. Let’s see some of the advantages of using Shopify.

  • Easy to Use
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Extremely Secure
  • Third-Party Integrations Easily Available

Create Magic with Shopify

Shopify gives you complete freedom over what you want to create and what you want to achieve, albeit you need someone on your side who knows their way around it. With Digital Engage on your side, you can make magic happen online. With completely custom online stores that reflect your brand in the best possible way, we make sure that you get the right fit for your business.

Shopify SEO & Internet Marketing

Digital Commerce and Ecommerce Analytics services are critical in improving eCommerce conversion rates and creating digital advertising strategies. Our marketers use search engine optimization techniques that have been tested to ensure you have the highest sales.

We use the perfect blend of social media marketing, paid ads, and SEO to create a digital marketing strategy for your Shopify Store.

Quick & Easy to Set Up

Shopify eCommerce websites are designed to be easy to set up as quickly as possible for customers. Changes can be made in real-time so that the operations are not affected in any way. Digital Engage makes it our priority to deliver quality projects while meeting deadlines so get in touch today!

Shopify App Development

By designing an App for Shopify you can enhance Shopify functionality and integrate it with third-party software including an ERP or CRM system. Custom Shopify App Development also helps create automation or incorporate functionality not yet available in Shopify. Sometimes complex problems require custom applications so it is a critical component in Shopify Development.

Certified Shopify Partners

Working with us you know that you’re working with certified Shopify designers and developers. Digital Engage is a certified Shopify Partner with countless projects under our belt and countless satisfied clients who are now scaling their business with our help and support.

Web Design and Development that performs as well as it looks.

4 Costly Design Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile-Unfriendly Website

Search engine optimization involves much more than content and keywords. It includes the experience users have when they visit your website.

Broken Links

Guess who else hates broken links? Google. Broken links will get your website downgraded in Google because they deliver a bad user experience.

Missing Links

Just as broken links can hurt you, a lack of high-quality outbound links can cause your web page to rank poorly in Google.

Ignoring Analytics

This is so obvious, but many people miss it. The only way to know if your SEO efforts are working is to analyze your progress. Failure to set up and review traffic data for your website is a serious blunder.
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