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    Digital Engage offers website hosting services that are safe, secure, and staffed by experts, 24/7.

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    Website Hosting Services

    We provide secure and best web hosting services for businesses of all sizes.

    • Reliable servers
    • Safe and secure
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Affordable options available

    Critical Reasons for Website Hosting

    • Knowledgeable experts
    • Fast web service
    • Domain name registration
    • Email service

    Right Experience With The Right Technology

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    What is a Website Hosting Service?

    A website hosting service is a provider of the computer servers that host a website, plus the tech support needed to keep it going. Any computer can be a server, but an online hosting service dedicates computer facilities specifically to host websites. Small websites may share a server, whereas larger, more complex websites may require multiple servers. Websites requiring privacy can use virtual private servers.

    Why is Website Hosting So Important?

    Your website is a portal for your business. It draws customers in, provides them with information, and gives them the opportunity to communicate with you. You can’t afford crashes due to high traffic, glitches in email service, or other problems with your website. Services provided by web hosting companies apply different strategies. If customers search web hosting support companies, website design or hosted website solutions and find your website difficult to use or unreliable, they will find another website. A powerful website is a powerful connection tool. Digital Engage is a secure web hosting company that can provide secure and reliable website services. Whether you are looking for local web hosting service, web hosting media or customized options for your needs.

    Shared Website Hosting Services

    Shared hosting is our most economical option. It is just what it sounds like: multiple websites share one server. This service works best for smaller websites.

    Clustered Website Hosting Services

    Clustered hosting services utilize multiple servers working together. Spreading the burden of service over many machines reduces the risk that one task will interfere with another and slow down the website. The cost of clustered web hosts is moderate.

    Virtual Private Server Hosting Services

    Virtual private server hosting can help you ramp up the performance of your website.

    Besides Hosting services, our team has expertise in Search engine optimization, Paid Search, Social media advertising, Reputation management, Managed IT services, Video and photo services, Branding and logo agency,  Website support services, and Local SEO Services. Call us today to learn more about our services.

    4 Mistakes To Avoid

    Choosing a Free Service Provider

    Frugality has its place, but don’t cut corners when it comes to web hosting services. Free web hosting often comes with banners, pop-up ads, and no-to-low tech support.

    Scrimping on Service

    Shared servers work for small websites but not for larger, more complex sites. Speak with the experts about what your website needs. Follow their advice for the type of server that will work best.

    Lack of Scalability

    If you are just starting out, it might be hard to imagine that someday your website will outgrow the current service. As your website grows, it is best to be hosted by a service that can scale up your hosting plan if necessary.

    Ignoring Tech Support Capabilities

    When you choose a website hosting service, choose one with strong tech support. At some point, something will go wrong. You can’t afford to wait around, losing business, because your hosting service has minimal support services.
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