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At Greeneville Family Medicine, we are dedicated to one very important thing. Keeping you healthy. And that’s because we look at healthcare through a simple but very different lens. We offer a comprehensive range of preventative care services and chronic disease management programs to get – or keep – you healthy.

What We Did

We used a three-pronged approach to improve the sales of Greeneville Family Medicine. The process started with a Google Analytic review. This process provided rich insight into the online performance of Greeneville Family Medicine and allowed us to precisely target areas of improvement for the website and mobile presence.

The first step was to improve the company’s SEO. This step meant finding keywords, phrases, and topics that were underutilized in the industry. We implemented that text into the website copy as a way to make Greeneville Family Medicines easier for consumers to find and discover during online searches.

Secondly, we redesigned their website for a sleek and modern aesthetic. That meant putting in compelling visuals, a responsive design, and a clean overall appearance. Visitors can easily navigate the site to find ostomy belts, blog posts, or other resources.

Additionally, we implemented new software and improved security on their WordPress website. Furthermore, we developed multiple landing pages for ad click-throughs. We A/B tested each one of the landing pages to ensure the highest possible conversion rate.

Last but not least, we used our research from the Google Analytic review to purchase search engine advertisements. That included writing and executing campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Facebook. The ads come with precise targeting that lets Greeneville Family Medicine attract customers based on their online habits and demographics.

The Results

Greeneville Family Medicine expanded its marketing reach beyond traditional channels in the United States. We helped them boost sales by more than 1,800% and sell colostomy and ostomy products in 45 countries across the world. The company has also significantly increased its visibility online with search engine advertisements and optimized website design.

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