The Pope Firm

The Pope Firm is a law firm specializing in debt consolidation, student loans, court rulings, and medical bills. The organization has a diverse range of qualifications that lets them handle cases ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Their offices are in Tennessee, including two in Knoxville, one in Johnson City, and one in Kingsport.

What We Did

Work on The Pope Firm started with a Google Analytics review. This data provided a 30,000-foot view of the company’s digital presence and under-utilizing assets. The study helped us lay the groundwork that would inform our optimization, designing, and advertising decisions.

For starters, we found keywords and phrases that could increase their visibility online. Because we redesigned the website, our copywriters were able to fit in these words naturally. The optimized copy led to a spike in traffic, culminating in The Pope Firm hitting number one on search engine results.

Once it became the top result, we capitalized on the exposure with paid search ads on Google and Bing. The targeted campaigns, combined with SEO, led to higher rates of impressions, click-throughs, and conversions. Additionally, we added a virtual perimeter around the firm called a geofence to be more precise with the targeting of digital ads.

The geofence also let us retarget visitors who found our website but did not convert. The repeated exposure to The Pope Firm brand directly caused this increase in conversions and clients. Our retargeting efforts also used heatmaps to ensure only geographically relevant clients saw our Google and Bing ads.

Other work included the addition of bankruptcy and client management software. This innovation lets employees automate the acquisition process and reallocate hours to more fruitful ventures. We also added an appointment reminder system to streamline the meeting workflow.

The Results

The Pope Firm saw consistent growth in clientele in the two years since our implementations. Currently, the firm has 500 percent more clients than it did in 2017. Additionally, they have boosted their potential conversion rate thanks to a 700 percent increase in leads.
The growth in clientele is the primary reason The Pope Firm expanded from one location to four during this time. Their increase in demand also meant growth in staff. The number of employees grew 350 percent, which included the addition of two attorneys.

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