• 6 Proven Digital Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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    Running a restaurant is hard. The market is constantly changing, food trends come and go, and customers are always looking for the newest thing. It’s not easy to stay on top of things like social media or digital marketing if you’re busy cooking up delicious dishes all day long! That’s why we’ve compiled 6 proven ways that restaurants can use digital marketing to keep their business alive in this competitive industry.


    The Restaurant Business and Online Marketing

    We’re not saying that you need to be on social media 24/24, but it’s important for any restaurant owner or manager to keep track of the latest trends and incorporate them into their marketing strategy. Even if your business is running smoothly without online marketing, this doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t benefit from adding some digital elements in order to stay up to date with the competition.

    You must figure out which digital marketing channels you want to use and how exactly they can help your restaurant grow in this competitive environment. Remember that every restaurant is unique, so what works for a competitor might not work as well for you! That’s why we’ve put together some proven ways of using digital marketing to promote your restaurant, along with some tips for each channel.

    Why is Digital Marketing important for a restaurant?

    Digital marketing can really help restaurant owners take their restaurant to the next level, no matter what type of food you serve. It can also set you apart from your competitors and help you build a loyal fan base that will keep coming back for more. If done right, it can be extremely cost-effective since you don’t have to spend money on huge billboards or print ads in newspapers!

    7 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

    Your restaurant has a website. You make sure that it’s up to date and you’ve got your phone number on there, but this isn’t enough nowadays! Here are some ideas for different channels where restaurants can reach out to their potential customers:

    • Food blogging websites
    • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram)
    • Apps / mobile sites
    • Video marketing
    • Email marketing/newsletters
    • Local business directories (Yelp, Google+)

    Let’s take a closer look at these channels and the social media tips that restaurants can use to promote their business:

    •  Food Blogging Websites – Make Someone Hungry for More!

    Restaurants should definitely try food blogging websites. They’re great because bloggers are always looking for new content, so all you need is an interesting restaurant-related story! You can even start loyalty programs on your website for all loyal customers.

    These websites are perfect for restaurants that are located in small towns or rural areas because they can use their food blog to reach out to a wide audience without spending too much money on advertising.

    •  Social Media – Be Consistent!

    Restaurants should use social media to promote themselves, but it’s important that they’re consistent. Sending out a post every now and then won’t cut it if you want your restaurant business on the web. You need to keep posting regularly so people can see your posts, so try setting up a schedule. Focus on the brand and its image, and design a logo that attracts your target audience.

    Social media can be used for more than just posting pictures of your food, so make sure you keep track of the latest social media tips.

    •  Apps / Mobile Sites – Make it Quick and Easy!

    A mobile site or app is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your business on the go, which means that you should make sure that they’re easy to use. Your users will appreciate having an easy time ordering food at their fingertips!

    With this in mind, restaurants should try using push notifications to remind their customers about special events like happy hours or free meals.

    •  Video Marketing – Get Your Customers Talking!

    Video marketing is a great way to get your customers engaged with you. People love watching videos about restaurants, so make sure that yours are high quality and interesting for them to watch. You should also upload them on YouTube because people will be able to see these videos in the Google search results where they can click through directly to your website.

    This also means that you should be consistent! Try uploading videos regularly so people can see your restaurant’s story, but don’t overdo it. Your customers will get tired of seeing the same thing on their feed.

    •  Email Marketing / Newsletters – Keep Your Customers in the Loop!

    A good email marketing strategy is important for any restaurant because it’s an easy way to stay connected with your customers and remind them about you. Try sending out emails at least once a month, maybe something like this: “Summer hours are now available on our website” or “We’re having a new special on Monday!”

    This can also be used for advertising, so try sending out special offers once in a while and see what happens. People love free stuff, so you’ll definitely get some new customers this way!

    •  Local Business Directories – Get Online Reviews!

    If you want to make your restaurant business more visible, it’s important that you get online. Local business directories like Yelp and Google+ are great ways for people to find restaurants in their neighborhood or town, which is why they should definitely be included in your restaurant marketing strategy!

    Remember that you don’t have to use all of these digital marketing ideas for restaurants at once. Figure out which ones would work best for your business and start with those first, then slowly build up from there as you get used to them or if they’re giving great results. Also, remember to stay consistent – this is really important when it comes to digital marketing because you don’t want people unfollowing or un-liking your restaurant’s page on social media!

    Final Thoughts

    Digital marketing is important for optimizing your business, regardless of the industry it belongs to. We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, so hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about digital marketing and how it can help your restaurant business! There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to social media or other types of online channels. You just need to know what they are and have an idea of how you want them to work for your restaurant.

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