• 10 WooCommerce Statistics You Must Know in 2023

    WooCommerce has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. People worldwide have used WooCommerce for years to create their online stores. This blog will discuss the 10 WooCommerce Statistics You Must Know in 2023.

    Stay Updated With The Latest Trends

    A business owner must consider key things before building a WooCommerce Store: knowing the latest trends. If you are a business owner and have an online store with WooCommerce, you should have deep knowledge and insights about all the trends and statistics. You can grow your business faster and earn more profits if you understand the statistics related to WooCommerce. It is also essential to keep yourself updated about all the latest trends of WooCommerce so that you are aware of this competitive age of business.

    Websites Made With WooCommerce

    In the last few years, the number of businesses making their online stores on WooCommerce has increased to approximately 4.4 million. This number is expected to grow more this year and in the upcoming years. So, the number of websites, popularity, and trust in WooCommerce are increasing.

    WooCommerce Market Share

    WooCommerce is dominating eCommerce platforms. It has almost 27 % market share. It makes WooCommerce a leading eCommerce platform preferred by many business owners worldwide. It also shows that many web developers and designers like making online stores on WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce & WordPress eCommerce Websites

    WordPress users always prefer using WooCommerce to build their online stores and websites. It is estimated that nearly 93 % of WordPress eCommerce websites are made on Woo0Commerce. A large and significant number shows that WooCommerce is a trusted platform used by a large population. It also shows that it is reliable and popular everywhere. 

    Extensions of WooCommerce

    Another remarkable statistical fact about WooCommerce is its almost 400 extensions, making it one of its favorite eCommerce platforms. With this many extensions, the customization and flexibility of WooCommerce increase. Thus, it allows users to create a WordPress site or an online store according to their needs and preferences. 

    Customizable Themes

    For people looking to work on WooCommerce in 2023, it is essential to know that more than 16,000 themes are available in WooCommerce. Whether you want to build a website in a minimalist way or create a website or online store with creativity, thousands of themes are available. This way, you can present your brand in your unique style using the available themes. Digital Engage provides an excellent guide to designing your store according to your needs.

    User-Friendly Compatibility With Mobile Phones

    Nowadays, everyone is purchasing products and services from mobile phones. The data shows that mobile accounts for nearly 53% of WooCommerce traffic. This indicates that WooCommerce’s online stores and websites are easy to use. That’s why the selling and purchasing process has become more frequent in online stores made on WooCommerce. This feature makes WooCommerce websites stand out more than their competitors. 

    Benefits of WooCommerce Stores for Business Owners

    According to research, WooCommerce online stores are practical and beneficial for businesses because an online store on WooCommerce generates an average of nearly 1700 USD monthly. However, every business’s revenue depends on different factors. This statistic is an average estimation of the monthly income generated by WooCommerce online stores. This way, WooCommerce adds more value to businesses and helps them grow faster.

    WooCommerce Stores in The United States

    Another vital statistic in 2023 is that approximately 43% of all WooCommerce online stores are based in the United States. As the US is an economic hub and a significant market, business owners in the US follow best business practices. Choosing WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform for their business shows that it is reliable and effective. Although WooCommerce is used worldwide, 43% of its stores are based in the United States highlights the platform’s significance in the eCommerce market.

    WooCommerce Popularity in International Business Market

    Like in the United States, WooCommerce is also trusted and preferred in several other countries holding significant positions in the international business market. Countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada have a massive significance in international trading and business, and they use WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform. This further increases the credibility and success of WooCommerce and highlights the popularity of eCommerce in the international business community.

    Satisfaction Rate with WooCommerce

    One crucial statistical fact to note is that the satisfaction rate of WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform is 96%, a vast and impressive number. This indicates the success, reliability, and trustworthiness of WooCommerce in the business market. It also shows this platform’s user-friendliness, making it easy for business owners to use. The popularity of WooCommerce is increasing every day, and it’s no surprise that business owners prefer using it for their eCommerce needs.

    WordPress Statistics on Themes & Plugins

    According to the latest WordPress statistics, the WordPress theme directory has over 8,000 free WordPress themes available for download. The WordPress plugin directory is best for finding different popular WordPress plugins that enhance the functionality of many WordPress websites. These popular WordPress plugins can be easily installed to add new features to WordPress sites. 

    Moreover, WordPress powers millions of websites worldwide, and while it is a popular platform, it is not immune to vulnerabilities. WordPress vulnerabilities can be minimized by regularly updating your WordPress website and using security plugins. WordPress sites have been growing in recent years, and according to the latest WordPress stats, over 40% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

    WooCommerce Statistics for eCommerce Business Growth

    WooCommerce is trusted by a huge population of business owners in the international market, so you don’t have to worry about anything. With time, WooCommerce is introducing new features to increase your business growth further. It is a good platform for business growth and expansion. The above statistics show that WooCommerce is a reliable and preferred eCommerce platform.


    If you are considering starting a business in 2023 and looking for an effective eCommerce platform, consider all the Pros and Cons of WooCommerce. It is a trustworthy, practical, and effective eCommerce solution. With various themes and the most popular WordPress plugins, it’s a great platform to create your first online store. Digital Engage perfectly compares WooCommerce with other eCommerce platforms like Wix, Square Online, Squarespace, Shopify, and Magento, and provides the perfect SEO Guide for WooCommerce.

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