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    If you’re a local company that operates on county and city levels. Local businesses need to have a local SEO strategy; without it they will not build a solid footing in your area. You need to be popping up in local search results, so you start having an online presence in your local community. There are many different local business marketing strategies, local SEO tools, and a local SEO checklist that you can use to build authority in your geographical area.

    Public relations, paid ads, social media marketing, backlinks, and citations; all are a part of good local SEO strategies and can change the way how your business operates on a local level. If you pull off everything right you will be on top of google maps, google local algorithm, and local search results. This will establish your business as the market leader in your local area.


    What is Local SEO?

    Local search engine optimization is a practice used to grow and improve the web presence of a local business. This organic search engine optimization strategy combines both SEO and geo-spatial SEO. Specifically, your goal is to appear higher in local results on Google. It’s not necessary for a restaurant to rank highly in Houston’s local searches if its location is in Nashville. Creating this location-based search query is what Local SEO revolves around.

    Your local SEO efforts can totally change the way you operate in your area, you just need to be vigilant while formulating your local SEO strategy.

    Customer Reviews Give a Local SEO Boost

    Unlike before the internet, bad businesses could easily sway branding or trick people. Now, thanks to the internet we have more consumer rights to use. It’ll be possible for anyone to quickly find out if a business is really loyal to its customer base and providing quality work. This works even intensely at a local level. More than a third of people comment on blogs or contribute on forums. In fact, 97% of people believe other people’s feedback influences their buying choices.  A lack of rating is bad news for prospective clients and can totally ruin your Local SEO efforts.

    Benefits of Local SEO Solutions

    This method prioritizes optimized locations on the search engine results pages. As a result of search engine data analyzing a site’s ranking, a user’s IP address and geolocation are highly important factors. Think of queries requiring a specific geographical qualification, such as “hotel in the city,” local SEO solutions can give you an opportunity to get results in these types of searches. Local search engine optimization is a marketing method for attracting local leads and you can establish yourself as a market leader.

    Create Local Content

    It’s vital that blogs be used for SEO. Just to make things easier, create an online blog. Ideally, make the site accessible using the website’s domain name. When you incorporate keywords that have local search terms, your content will start appearing in the local search results.  As your blog ranks higher in Google searches, you can also improve your website ranking.

    A local business owner can easily manage this himself or by hiring a third-party digital marketing agency. Keyword research is important and pertinent in creating good quality local blog posts.

    Build backlinks that include location in anchor text

    Backlinks are crucial for gaining visibility on the internet for your website. This is because Google treats them as votes on your site and rewards websites with more link-building links on their website with a better ranking in searches. Local backlinks play a huge role in local SEO. If you are looking to improve your local search rankings, please occasionally encourage those that can provide backlinks to your website that includes your business location in the backlinks. This improves your place in search engines.

    Build Citations for Local SEO

    Tell me the meaning of the citation? You are referring to any website you visit or have any URL for it. Citations can help your SEO campaign because they represent 1% of your local pack rankings. Always create references for a genuine physical location as physical boxes and virtual office space are not acceptable. You can create unique reference sets at each location. However, you must ensure that names, ages, and email addresses are correct and identifiable.

    Why Local SEO Matters?

    Let’s take a look at the business of bike sales. There are lots of bicycle shops in the world; typing this phrase in Google will result in a very large amount of searches. Usually, big companies found among these searches are at the top positions. But when you add a local search term you will start seeing local companies. Local backlinks and Google My Business can help you get extra traffic and authority.

    Submit your site to high-quality local directories

    If your website is listed in an online directory, the ranking will improve substantially. First Google looks at directory entries and the directory should be trusted. The directory will get a higher ranking when looking. This translates into the presence of the company in search engines despite the difficulty in getting high rankings. It is possible that the site has backlinks that increase search rankings. Third, it makes it easier for people to use these websites for their business.

    Digital Engage provides Local SEO Services that can put you on the local map as a market leader. We will help you with your local keyword research, online business directories, setting up your Google My Business, and getting you positive reviews from local customers. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.