• Is Your Local SEO Game Down? Apply These Must-Know Google Maps Marketing Strategies and Watch Your Customers and Revenues Grow

    digitaluser April 5, 2021 0 Comments

    According to Statista, Google dominated the search engine market, at 92.05%, far outperforming Bing and Baidu in February 2021.
    Small and large businesses use Google Maps to give customers an easy way to find them and as an effective marketing strategy.
    Picture this – you’re on the road and suddenly begin to feel ill. You need a local doctor, and you need one fast. You get onto Google Maps to look for the nearest clinic, and Google Maps helps you find one.
    In this instance, Google Maps was a useful directional tool for you but an effective marketing strategy for the doctor. The search results gave you, the customer, all the information you needed to pick one healthcare facility over the rest.
    Read on to learn more about how to rank in Google Maps search results and improve local SEO.

    What Is Google Maps Marketing?

    Google Maps marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses Google Maps to gain visibility.
    When a business features on Google Maps with a Google My Business profile, it showcases:

    • Location
    • Hours of business
    • Photos
    • Phone number
    • Amenities

    These factors make it easy for potential local customers searching for particular products or services to locate and frequent that business.
    As with all digital marketing strategies, optimizing your business on Google Maps can enhance customer visits and drive revenues.
    Here, we discuss must-know marketing strategies that will catapult your business to what’s known as the “Local 3 Pack.” These are the first three businesses in search results that Google considers most relevant to the user based on the location they’re searching or their current location.

    Must-Know Google Maps Marketing Strategies for Your Local Business

    Verify Your Business on Google My Business

    Optimizing your Google My Business profile by verifying your business increases potential customers’ chances of coming across your business in the search results.

    This process enables you to claim a specific business within Google Maps so that you’re the only one who can change the information on the business.
    Google carries out the verification process via postal mail for added security.

    Optimize Your Business Introduction

    Use brief and easily readable introductions to grab potential customers’ attention. The introduction contains a summary of your business and the products and services you offer.
    This business summary should also include relevant keywords that most customers search for.

    Use Attractive Photos

    Google My Business listings with photos receive 35% more clicks to their websites and 42% more queries for directions to their location.
    When creating your listing, ensure you add attractive, high-resolution photos of your store, products, and services.

    Add Relevant Categories and Attributes to Your Listing

    Categories tell potential customers more about the products and services your business provides.
    Google recommends choosing a primary category to describe your overall business, such as:

    • Restaurant
    • Beauty Business
    • Pet Groomer
    • Doctor, and more.

    It would help if you also used additional sub-categories that tell potential customers more about your business products and services. For instance, if you’re a restaurant, what kind of restaurant are you?
    And finally, define your business attributes to include factors such as outdoor seating, minority-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, pet-friendly, etc.

    Ask for Customer Reviews and Manage Them

    Customer reviews add credibility to your business, building social proof and further increasing your rankings on the Google Maps platform.
    However, merely having customer reviews is not enough. Strive for positive reviews that showcase your business in a positive light. If you have any negative reviews, respond to them honestly, demonstrating to existing and new customers that you value their feedback.

    Utilize Local Search Ads

    Although using Google Maps and listing your business on Google My Business is free, Local Search ads can boost visibility and credibility.
    Google Maps ads leverage location targeting, ensuring your business appears in location-relevant desktop and mobile searches. Google also enables you to track ad performance and ROI, allowing you to tweak your marketing.

    The Importance of Google Maps Marketing Strategies

    Google Maps marketing is a non-negotiable for any business wanting to reach more local customers and get more foot traffic through their doors.
    An optimized Google My Business profile complements any organic searches, giving your business improved visibility in Google Maps search results.
    Having an accurate location address, realistic and attractive photos, a working phone number, and the latest customer reviews will give your business credibility. New customers will likely choose your business over the rest, driving revenue, while existing customers will continue to choose your brand over others.
    Looking to improve your local SEO with Google Maps marketing? Call Digital Engage today at (423) 397-2467 or contact us online and let us help you get more local customers through your doors.