• 10 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates in Google Analytics

    digitaluser June 29, 2020 0 Comments

    If you are struggling to convert traffic into sales online, you might have a problem with your bounce rate. In other words, people that are visiting your website are simply bouncing away. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your site, lower your bounce rate, and boost sales.



    What Is Bounce Rate?

    Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website that leaves before viewing a second page. A high bounce rate can be indicative of many things. Maybe your site didn’t have a persuasive call to action. Perhaps users were unable to find what they needed in a timely and efficient manner.

    You can find your bounce rate using Google Analytics. Content that is “good” or “bad” depends on your type of site and your company goals. For instance, a search engine, like Google or Bing, typically has a bounce rate under 30 percent, which is considered excellent.

    However, simple landing pages with single calls to action like “add to cart” have bounce rates ranging from 70 to 90 percent. This range is considered substandard. The rule of thumb says that service, retail, and portal sites will have lower bounce rates compared to simple landing pages and content websites.

    There is no one sweeping fix to reduce the bounce rate. The figure may be a result of one glaring issue or a combination of several problems. Here are ten practical ways to troubleshoot for high bounce rates.

    ·        Provide a Better User Experience

    A user’s personal experience with your website can go a long way towards whether or they purchase your product or service. That is why it is essential to not only have a site that is intuitive to use, but aesthetically pleasing as well. A robust website should feature compelling visuals, easy readability, and a distinctive tone and color scheme.

    ·        Reposition Your Call to Action

    A compelling call to action should clearly and explicitly lay out what the purpose of the company, product, or service is. Users should be able to understand everything they need from this simple phrase.



    ·        Tell Your Brand Story

    Telling a compelling brand story can capture the hearts and minds of your target audience. Bring your brand to life with an exciting origin story or engaging mission statement. If you can attract people this way, you will be more likely to develop a loyal following.

    ·        A/B Test Your Site

    A/B testing allows you to test two versions of your webpage against one another to determine which one is more effective. This strategy is not only crucial for the landing page, but also can be applied to help you better target specific audiences, regions, and keywords. For instance, if your product is sold across the world, you can use A/B testing to show them content that matches their language and cultural experience.

    ·        Keep Your Content Fresh

    Regularly populating your pages with engaging content is imperative, especially if you produce art, videos, photos, or blogs. Businesses that updated their blogs periodically see 126 percent more leads than competitors that do not. Fresh content is also a chance to excite visitors about your call to action, upcoming announcements, or new products.

    ·        Use SEO

    The question of how effective SEO is can be understood by knowing the importance of the keywords. Search engine optimization, or SEO, uses specially selected keywords to target specific audiences. Choosing effective keywords will increase the likelihood of visitors connecting with your brand message and clicking through your website. Great SEO is a self-fulfilling cycle, as the keywords will lead to more clicks, boosting your site on search engines, generating even more clicks, etc.



    ·        Use Videos to Get Eyeballs

    Video is the ideal way to get someone’s attention in a hurry. The visual experience is designed to deliver your message quickly while demonstrating what your company is all about. Videos are always a tremendous opportunity to entertain the audience and give them a taste of your company’s personality.

    ·        Use High-Quality Images to Grab Attention

    The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So, if you want to get your audience’s attention, make sure you have unique visuals in the right places. High-quality images can increase the time users spend on the first page and the likelihood that they visit a second one.

    ·        Maximize Customer Reviews

    Let customers do the talking for you with user reviews. Considering that 70 percent of customers look at product reviews before they purchase an item, testimonials can influence audience members on whether or not they follow through on buying. The best reviews are ones that build trust with the reader without sounding like they are selling a product.

    ·        Demonstrate Your Credibility

    If your company sells to or partners with other name-brand businesses, flaunt it. People are more inclined to trust you if you can authentically associate yourself with a brand that they already know. You can also showcase any awards, certifications, or endorsements that your company has earned along the way.

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