• What is the Best Shopify Pricing Plan For You?

    Shopify is one of the top eCommerce systems for launching your online store. Nevertheless, the biggest issue with Shopify is that, after the price of third-party apps is considered, it can be challenging to choose which Shopify pricing plan or how much it costs. You need to determine the best Shopify pricing plan for yourself.

    Your monthly sales, desired feature set, and need for customization will influence which Shopify pricing plan is best for your online store. The final objective is to assist you in determining the cost of Shopify and selecting the price option that best suits your needs.

    Ideal Shopify Plans

    There are many reasons why you should use Shopify for your eCommerce business, and there are many reasons to consider before you build your Shopify store. So, the original platform investment, like with many companies, has further costs to consider. You initially make a monthly payment from $9 to $2,000+.

    That’s a significant difference, so we’re more inclined to estimate that a startup business would spend between $24 and $299 per month, given that the Shopify Lite plan ($9 per month) is not required for creating an actual online store and the Shopify Plus plan ($2,000+ per month) is not necessary for a small to medium-sized enterprise. But other than that monthly payment, what else can you anticipate? First, the monthly subscription includes several website creation and online store services, for you often have to pay extra.

    Domain Name

    Typically, domain names are not too expensive. Since it’s simple to believe that a domain name may do your business and spend thousands simply for the “ideal” domain, we recommend a domain name that costs around $10 to $30 per year. This is because the quality of your business matters much more than the name.

    Despite this, you still need to budget for some domain name expenses. And the price for your domain name should be $10 to $30 a year, provided it is still available. You can save a few dollars by choosing a cheap domain registrar instead of Shopify’s built-in provider.

    Website Design Themes

    You may create an online store using Shopify, except for the site with built-in online payments, a shopping cart, and product administration; it is identical to any other website. Hence,  one of your most crucial duties is constructing a website with informational pages, product sites, and a blog. Shopify offers website themes, or templates, just like another eCommerce platform and other systems for managing content, saving you from having to create the site from the start. Ultimately, a theme makes your website attractive without the need for extensive coding or web design knowledge.

    You have two choices when choosing a theme: go with a free theme or pick a paid one. The premium themes come with cutting-edge functionality and highly stylish design options, while the free themes are ideal for smaller, essential stores.

    Shopify Apps

    A wide variety of apps are available in the Shopify App Store to supplement the built-in features of your Shopify plan. You may connect several free apps to your store. Since you may frequently discover an appropriate substitute, we advise looking for free apps before choosing a commercial one. Yet, since these app developers also need to make a living, it’s usual to come across subscription fees for apps that demand more sophisticated capabilities.

    The number of apps you add to your website must also be considered. Including 10 or 20 inexpensive apps makes it simple to see how prices will soar. Remember that if the apps aren’t free, you’ll typically have to pay a recurring monthly or annual subscription.

    Shipping Fees

    The cost of sending merchandise via services like UPS and USPS is included in shipping charges. Also, you might have to pay money to print shipping labels. These costs vary according to the product’s size, weight, and dimensions, as well as the kind of packaging, shipping method, and location. You can access affordable shipping costs (up to 88% off) and a complimentary label printing tool with Shopify.

    Site Development

    For some stores, it’s unnecessary, but you might discover that you need help with website design, development, marketing, or another business duty. If so, you can look for assistance through the Shopify design tips by Experts Marketplace and pay for it. The cost depends on the project kind, who you engage with, and how long you require the employee or agency.

    Marketing & Advertisement

    For creating advertisements and marketing campaigns using platforms like Google, Facebook, and email marketing, Shopify offers integrated advertising options. Advertise costs vary depending on the site, such as Facebook or Google. Whereas a vast retailer may spend thousands or even millions of dollars monthly, a smaller business may only pay $300. Up to 2,500 emails sent through the Shopify email marketing program are free; each subsequent 1,000 emails cost $1. Also, you can research the cost of providers like Mailchimp or Omnisend.

    Things to Consider When Choosing A Shopify Plan

    Before selecting a Shopify pricing plan, Shopify store owners should consider several considerations. These elements include the price of the items, the point of sale, the processing of credit cards, the fees, and more. Shopify has developed several different statistics from which to make things even simpler for store owners. You might be wondering whether you’re a new or experienced Shopify merchant, which of these Shopify price plans is best for your company, and whether you should improve or downgrade from your current project.

    Shopify Lite Plan 

    Shopify Lite, the most affordable option, costs $9 monthly and is the most basic Shopify plan. Store owners who want to sell things without managing an online site can choose the Shopify Lite package. There are other ways to sell without an internet store, even though Shopify Lite does not offer a standalone, usable store.

    Nevertheless, you may start a store using a page-building program, some of which are free, with this Shopify pricing plan. Also, you can start selling goods on already-established webstores on WordPress or Facebook. Anybody wishing to utilize Shopify as a back-end solution for selling goods in real-world settings like events and panels will do well with Shopify lite.

    Shopify Advanced Plan

    If you own a Shopify store and anticipate high sales volume, you should strongly consider upgrading to the Advanced Shopify plan. With this package, which only costs $299 monthly, you would make more money from higher sales. For online transactions utilizing Shopify payments, the credit fee on the Advanced Shopify plan is 2.6% + 30c credit. But there is an additional 1% transactional fee for payments made outside Shopify.

    Use Shopify Payments to pay a credit card processing cost of 2.4% + 30c, and for external payment gateways, you will pay a transaction fee of 0.5%. This translates to a 7.7% reduction in credit card costs and a 50% reduction in transaction fees for third-party payment gateways.

    Shopify Plus

    According to research, The Shopify cost plan for Shopify Plus is far more appropriate for businesses that generate between $1 million and $2 million in annual revenue. Although it is important to remember that income does not always indicate a need, we have discovered that Shopify Plus’s unique features and additional support around this revenue threshold make it a worthwhile purchase. Because Shopify’s features under this plan are frequently customized to match your needs, the price for the Shopify Plus Plan is flexible. This implies that, under some circumstances, you might be required to pay up to $2000 for Shopify Plus.

    In essence, a merchant will switch to a sliding model of 0.25% of their monthly income (for example, $1M in monthly sales equals USD 2500 that month) if they hit USD 800k in monthly revenue. There is an extra charge of 0.15% if they use a different payment gateway than Shopify Plus.


    Choosing the right eCommerce platform can take your business a long way. We can say that choosing Shopify pricing plans can be tricky. However, if you follow the proper guidelines, you can devise a great plan and eliminate additional Shopify costs. There are many Pros and Cons to using Shopify, but you could either get the Shopify basic plan or Shopify advanced plan. Your plan should solely depend on the business you wish to run and how smoothly Shopify can help your business run. Additionally, knowing strategies for SEO on Shopify can also help your business grow immensely. Digital Engage offers guidance and comparisons on which eCommerce Platform to choose, like Woocommerce, Square Online, Squarespace, Wix, and Magento.

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